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Air Freight

We understand reasons why customer choose Air Freight as the mode of transportation.  We understand that handling parameters, cost and timeline for delivery are paramount in their decision to move freight by Air. We help our customer move their cargo by providing timely space booking, the best routing and feasible alternates.  We try to make air export/import around the world for our customers effortless and less cumbersome. We assist , handle and provide services for all l the pre-shipment, post shipment  documentation and clearance. Our Customer support team is just a call away to be there for you.

We provide

• The best Airfreight charges
• Door to Door/ AirPort to Air Port/Door to Airport/ Airport to Door  Service
• ODC Cargo handling Service
• High Value Cargo Handling
• Dangerous Goods Handling
• Temporary Warehouse Storage
• Cargo Insurance
• Advance Filings
• Customs Brokerage  Services

Customer Support